Frequently Asked Questions

All questions referring to Phrazer’s capabilities can be answered at

  • Where is GeaCom, Inc. located?

    GeaCom, Inc. is headquartered in Duluth, MN, United States of America. Additional offices are located in the Minneapolis Metro and two international product development locations.

  • Why Duluth, MN?

    Duluth is on the northern frontier of Life Science Alley which is known to be a powerhouse in the creation of medical devices. Duluth is also a beautiful location that offers staff increased quality of life and has a strong pool of talent springing from 3 premier higher education institutions.

  • Can I tour the offices of GeaCom, Inc.?

    Yes, our Duluth offices can be visited. We ask that you make an appointment for your visit at least 48 hours in advance by either calling our corporate headquarters in Duluth or emailing

  • What is GeaCom, Inc.’s full product mix?

    GeaCom, Inc. has invented, designed, produced and delivered some of the most important and awarded medical devices in the world today. Phrazer, a handheld integration solution is the first to make care available in any language, literacy and culture. Kitsune, an innovative device worn similar to a pair of headphones provides HIPAA compliant interactions, vital sign capture, rapid extendability and dynamic conversion to group interactions. Gichi offers powerful resource management, connecting and tracking capabilities. Phrazer OS is the first military/medical grade uncompromised operating system. K-18 custom mechanically antimicrobial molecule integration offers unparalleled infectious disease control and safety. And several additional unique and powerful ancillary products are made by GeaCom, Inc. to support the powerful core product set.

  • Do you currently manufacture your products?

    Yes, all of GeaCom, Inc.’s products are invented, designed and produced here in the U.S. under strict quality standards. Our inventions are so unique, meaningful, capable and non-consumer application specific that no other hardware exists that is capable of the full benefit and value.

  • Do you have patent protection?

    GeaCom, Inc.’s unique and powerful patents have been filed throughout the entire PCT. We also maintain several trade secrets and additional protections.

  • Are your products medically qualified?

    Yes, our products are designed and manufactured to FDA, HIPAA and general certification standards.

  • Do you develop products to run on consumer devices?

    Consumer grade devices are not generally designed to the safety, stability and security standards that are required in the medical marketspace. Many of the life saving benefits provided by GeaCom, Inc.’s products require features not available on consumer systems. We built a medical grade system from the ground up to ensure we meet the high standards required by the healthcare industry.

  • How can I work at GeaCom, Inc.?

    GeaCom, Inc. is constantly looking to hire successful driven individuals to add to the already powerful team. You can submit your resume and cover letter to

  • When was GeaCom, Inc. incorporated?

    GeaCom, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Minnesota in 2007.

  • How is GeaCom, Inc. funded?

    GeaCom, Inc. has been “bootstrapped” by staff and partially funded by angel investors looking to have a major impact in the medical environment.

  • Can I see GeaCom, Inc.’s financials?

    Private companies are not required to share information concerning earnings, losses, profitability, growth or other financial performance markers. There is significant risk to not keeping “under the radar” in a competitive space that includes the largest, most predatory competitors. Like GeaCom, Inc., the vast majority of private companies zealously protect details about financial and operating performance, refusing to release so much as a revenue indicator. Our strict protection of this data is also protecting the interest of our shareholders as well as the customers and patients we serve.